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Discussion 1 - Mark Shalda

I read an article found on the ACM titled "A comparison of Java and C#". Java has been a language that has emerged as a university favorite over recent years for teaching students OO programming and concepts. But now with the development of C# from Microsoft, this era might soon be phased out. Like java, C# uses a "Common runtime Language" which is simular to the "java virtual machine". Also C#, like java, has a large set of libraries for use. A difference that helps give c# the edge on java is that it come with more language constructs for doing various task. Some of these include extern and in / out. The in and out can be especially helpful since java does method calls with pass by values where as C# does this by default, but this functionallity can be overridden. Also a main difference is that C# is that like C++, a user can do operator overloading. The only positive light that seems to be shed on java is that it is still a free interface for programmers, but this may not be a problem for most universities with the MSDN-AA program that many universities are a part of, including Georgia Tech. So in my mind i can not see any good reason why C# should not be used over java.

This may affect peoples programming since the main reason that I use java is its ease of use and how easy it is to look up classes to use in the API. With the striking similarities of C# with the addition of a few other features, this could cause a shift of long time java programmers to start using C# instead for their projects. The only reason it appears for people to still use java that wasnt addressed in the article is its ability to work well on webpages (i.e. applets).

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