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William Blatt

Contact info

My email is gtg785r[at] It would be way cool if you could put 2340 somewhere in message subjects so your email doesn't get tossed out with "asdfjkl; VIeAGRA" and such.

Office hours

Tuesday 12-3 PM
Thursday 1-3 PM
By appointment (email me)

I usually tend to camp out in the States Cluster. I always put the specific machine I'm on up on the TA board (on the window to the TA lab), so you hopefully shouldn't have too much trouble finding me.

About me (like you care)

I'm a fourth year CS major who'll hopefully be finishing up sometime before the end of the decade. I've been a TA for CS 1322 (rest in peace) for three semesters, and this is my first time working with 2340. Outside of the CoC, I've been involved with the band program at Tech since my second year here (and wish I'd started sooner) and I'm also a pretty big sports nut, especially when it comes to anything Tech.

M3 Demos

M3 Demos-Will's Section

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