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Discussion 1 - Patrick Jarrett

Hitesh talked about the framework necessary to make comparisons between OOP languages, and his paper sounded interesting. It is very true that there must be a framework for comparison to make it a fair, complete, and true examination of the languages available to the programmer.

I read "A Comparison of the Object-Oriented Features of Ada 95 and Java" available via the ACM database. It was a flashback when I began reading the paper because it mentioned Java applets as being one of the major draws for attention to Java back in the mid-90s. However currently Java has all but disappeared from serious websites and has been relegated to gizmo of those behind the more modern web tools.

The paper gave a very thorough overview of Java and then that of Ada-95, before going back and forth through examples of each language both in code and in theory. From my standpoint, having learned Java early on I have a special place for it in my heart and so when comparing it to Ada, I find Ada cumbersome and uninviting in form.

In the final pages it discussed the OO features of each language, "In Java the OO features are the language's essence." Which it went on to lay out how it has arrays, strings, exceptions, threads, all of which "heavily exploit" the OO model. For Ada it lays out the clear seperation between the OO features and the rest of the language.

For the conclusions it provides a table of comparison between the two, examining the class, pointers, storage reclamation, and a handful of other OO related features. It also makes sure that the readers know that both of these languages are definitely OO languages, it is not comparing them to be anything but. And in the final paragraphs it lays out the benefits of each.

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