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Mike Federici

My name is mike federici. I'm a CS Junior living in center street south. I'm engaged to my gf of 3 years and i love to snowboard. I'm from NJ. AIM SN is SleepNaked4Fun. IM me if you want to know more. I Found my article for discussion 1 at It compares Smalltalk, C++ and Java. Besides differing most obviously in syntax, the langauges have several key differences as outlined by the article. Although the concept of an abstract class exists in both smalltalk and C++, it is only implemented in java. Garbage collection is standard in both smalltalk and java, yet in C++ the programmer has control over memory management. In line with C++ having user memory management it is the only language which explicity has the use of pointers available to the programmer. For certain programmers this makes the language much more accessible. C++ is also the only language with multiple inheretances possible as well as the only class without a root class 'Object'. This lack of a root class object suggests that C++ is in fact a less object oriented language than the other two, retaining more of its C procedural history. I read Robert Huston's post and it seems as though he read a different version of a comparisson between languages similar to mine. His evidence of garbage collection and memory management as well as inheretance seem to corroborate my article. However, his goes more into performance which was not explicitly mentioned in my paper.

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