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Discussion 1 - Emily Ewald

Discussion 1

An Empirical study Comparing C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl for a search/string-processing program

The study consisted of 74 programmers who created 80 different versions of the same program function. The results of the implementations were compared for runtime, use of memory, length, reliability, etc.

Study Results:
A script program design and writing takes half the time of C, C++, or java, and the program is half the length. The reliability of all programs tested were very similar. A script program tends to take up twice the amount of memory as that of a C or C++ program. When searching through the data structures, the C and C++ run time and even the script languages are faster than java. The script languages Phython and Perl tend to be faster than Rexx and Tcl. The study emphasizes that results may differ when used for different types of programs.

Depending on the type of program people may wish to right, their program will be affected depending on which type of language they use, because every language varies in all the above study’s different aspects.

After writing this summary, I noticed the only other people who have done this assignment so far have either compared languages I have not discussed, or did the exact article as me. So...I'll just say that everything R. Steven French said was right on.

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