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Fall 2005 Milestone 1 Questions

When is the due date for milestone 1? I can't seem to find that information anywhere.

It's on the Fall 2005 Class Schedule page which is linked in the hotspots section at the top of the page. As of this posting, it's set for Friday September 9th
Andrew Sayman

Do any TAs have office hours set yet? Don't see anything but 'TBA' at the moment.

Look at Fall 2005 Who's Who and click on the name of the TA you're curious about, two of us have office hours listed by their names
Richard Bailey

For this assignment, is it individual's work or group's work?

This is an individual assignment. You should, however, be finding a group as starting with M2 they will be group projects.
Richard Bailey

How do we turn-in this Milestone 1 ??? I can't find anything on the website that mentions how we are going to turn-in the code. Please help.

We'll be posting information about it to Fall05 Turnin Notes, which was first mentioned in TA Announcements. Don't forget to check that.
Andrew Sayman

I've turned in my M1, can u please check to make sure you can get it? I've already tested it, zipped, included the readme, etc. It's formatted txt, not rtf so simply use vim/emacs/wordpad. It seems as if the turn in page was not cleared from the previous semester.

Can you define "Disable the Widget" ???

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