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David Eakes

This is me. Hi there. I like stuff. Stuff is fun. Yay for stuff.

About Me:

3rd Year CS Major
Vice President of Entertainment Software Producers (club at Georgia Tech)
Facebook Me!
My CC Page (for assignments)
My fun, personal webcomic site

Current Classes:
CS 2340 (obviously)
CS 3251
CS 4001
CS 4451
CHEM 1311
CHEM 1312

AIM: Kabobness
MSN: (purely coincidental)

Discussion 1 - David Eakes
Discussion 2 - David Eakes
Discussion 3 - David Eakes
Discussion 4 - David Eakes
Discussion 5 - David Eakes
Extra Credit: How to create a Timer Widget using LEDTimerMorph

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