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Fall 2005 TA Announcements

Fall 2005 TA Announcements

Turnin notes

We are releasing the grading criteria for milestone one: M1 Criteria

Check the newsgroup regularly. We will answer questions there too.

I'm going to be out of town with no computer access from this afternoon (9/2) until Monday night. I won't be able to answer any questions via e-mail during this time. Richard Bailey

This is a useful overview to threading (having a timer) in Squeak Multi-threaded Squeak

My office hours will be cancelled today (9/9) due to a last minute meeting I have to be at. I will get to the CoC as quickly as possible after it's over if there is any time left before 2 if you want to hang around and hope I make it. Richard Bailey

We will release the M2 grading criteria (hopefully) by Friday.

My office hours are changing from TR1-2 to TR2-3, sorry for the inconvenience for anybody. – Andrew Sayman
In addition to this, I'm sorry for missing my office hours today (Sep 20th 2005), but the world has conspired against me.

My office hours on Tuesday 9/27 are being moved back by 30 minutes – Richard Bailey

Here are some general comments I have on M1

Babak's teams, sign up for demo for M2 at M2 demo signup page

I made a useful-but-likely-non-exhaustive-test-review for you guys, good luck and such

Anybody that has not demo'd their M2 needs to do so immediately! – Andrew Sayman

signup for M3 demo ASAP. –Babak.

I'm cancelling my office hours on Friday – if you want to meet with me this week e-mail me and we can figure something out. (10/27) – Richard Bailey

my office hours on 11/28 were moved from 3-4pm to 11am-12 – timmy

my office hours on 12/5 will be cancelled and if you want to meet call me and schedule a meeting – timmy