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Fall 2005 Announcements

To add something from off-campus, use username=attach and password=carmen. This is necessary to block spammers.

Discussion 1 is due at 5:00pm on Friday, 2 Sept. 2005. All milestones and discussions are due at class time. I'm making an exception this time. -Jeff Rick

OK. I've decided to change the rules for late submission. Something turned in 0-24 hours late is worth 75%. Something turned in 24-48 hours late is worth 50%. Something turned in 48-72 hours late is worth 25%. After that, it's a 0. -Jeff Rick

Grading criteria for M2 has been released: Fall 2005 Milestone 2 Grading Criteria.

Go ahead and create a page for your team under Fall 2005 Teams.

You have an extra 2 days for M3. M3 is now due Friday, 10/14.

Don't Panic. Many people did not do well on M1. As a consequence, many progress reports are going to be returned as unsatisfactory. If you are in that position, don't panic. First, M1 is only 7% of your grade. There's plenty yet to come. If your team is in good shape, you should be able to achieve high grades is M3, M4, and M5. Second, we are not out to fail people. Traditionally, grades in 2340 have been higher than grades in other 2000-level CS courses. We plan to keep that tradition alive.

For M4, run your ideas for a new feature past me by Friday, 10/28. Just send me an e-mail.