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Say Yes To PWS: A Coweb Index on Relevant Information

Relevant Help Regarding PWS (Pluggable Web Server):

This page adds keywords to existing pages relating to PWS

Page Created By: Tony Espejo
Email here.

Wow, students are still using PWS?
Yes, and they may need help or ideas.

For this project, PWS became a big factor for many groups.

However, this wasn't the first semester that students had to tackle and play with PWS. I noticed
this scouring through old cases from previous semesters.

What I tried to do was come up with some links, internal to the coweb (and a few external), that
focused on using PWS.

Granted, there might be more pages on the coweb concerning PWS, but I tried to pick those that
either had useful information, or displayed some good examples on using PWS.

Here is what I came up with:

From the cases:
Newspaper Sharing Spring 2000: milestone 4 (Web Interface)
Team Tanked Summer 2005: Team Tanked - Web-Serving
Squeaking By Spring 2003: PWS - Serving mice everywhere
Squeak Busters Spring 2003: 7: Web-Enable the application
Pyramid SqueakShop Summer 2002: M5 - Design a Web Service - good for Postscript and POST requests questions
Smart PWS Spring 2001: Smart PWS - interesting use of PWS

Slides pertaining to:
From Summer 2005

Questions from students:
Using the Summer 2005 Squeak Image? Having problems with getData? See the July 13th post here: Summer 2005 Announcements
From Summer 2000: Questions on Sum2000 P4 Milestone

External Links:
An old site by Mark Guzdial:

Please feel free to add more links to this page regarding PWS.
After all, this is a living document.

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