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Team RAR

Fish Tank Simulation
CS2340, Summer 2005

Roman Savaryn
Andrew Trusty
Robert Watts

with Team Squidly McSquid and the Ghost Fishes creatures

Our Team Process | Downloads | Post-Mortem | Links

Uploaded Image: M5-screenshot.gif

Our Team Process:
We held meetings twice a week to discuss our progress and any issues that had occurred.
At the end of each meeting we planned the time for the next meeting. Team coding sessions
would occur on average once a week. We used Monticello for source control and CVS for
image and documentation sharing. We clearly deliniated tasks and timelines so everyone
knew their responsibilities.

Milestone 5 - Team
Milestone 5 Read Me.txt

Milestone 5 Scenarios.doc
Test Plan.doc
UML.pdf (very general class diagram of our design)

Fading Images, the BitBlt Approach
Web Interfaces, Comanche Style

Our M4 Code Swapping page -
M4S: Team RAR (includes our M4 turn-in)

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