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Jennifer Raccuglia

Evaluate It

To open GuitarAssistant:

External Image

Opening Screen:

External Image

Tab View of Chords

This is A Major on a six-stringed standard tuned guitar represented in TAB notation.

External Image

Fret Board View of Chords

Here's how to position your fingers for Amajor. This is one of a
couple of ways to do it... I may show variations of finger positioning...this can be something I add later.

External Image


Here is the tuner for standard guitar tuning. Click on each button to hear the note. Click start to start the actual tuner.

External Image

Help Menu:

External Image


The only bug is that you cannot run more than 1 tuner at a time, so please when you are done tuning, press the stop button.

Also it takes a few seconds to open...I'm working on that presently ....

Please extract in your Squeak working directory. It should work with your image, but I suggest working with a fresh image. 7/26/00

To Do:

1) Add the "hear chord" option.

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