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Michael Chu

Michael Chu - gtg731bComputational Media michael [dot] chu [at] gatech

I was born and raised and lived in
New York up until I was 18, when I
came to Georgia Tech for college.
I came to Atlanta because I like the
city enviornment and I wanted to get
away from the north to learn more about
the world around me and myself.

I enjoy playing the upright bass and
teaching tennis.

CoWeb Assignment 2
External Image

Useful Cases:
This project combines a typical desktop application and makes it also applicable to the internet. From the source code and my understanding of the project, it has a lot of functionality that I am partically interested in: internet functionality. They've accomplished some interesting stuff, like making squeak able to play mp3s and load them from a html request.
Looking at the code for this project, you really can start to see a lot of similarities between java and smalltalk. The beautiful thing about smalltalk is that it is heavily object oriented, which you can see by how the fishes, seahorse, and eel share certain attributes and abilities in the code.
I think the hardest part of programming is working with other group memebers. We all have different schedules and availaability, and with other classes, it's hard to keep everybody in sync with the project. This website details a lot of methods that I have learned, which works well when dealing with a large group programming assignment. It it good practice and should be understood and learned well.

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