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Summer 2005 Class Schedule


The specific topics covered are tentative; the schedule will be adjusted if things take less (hah!) or more time than expected.

Quizes, midterms, and milestone due dates are fixed and are always on the Friday of the week listed.

Week StartingTopicTestsDue
5/16Class Intro, History of OO, Intro to Smalltalk Syntax and Squeak
5/23Programming Morphs; Joe the BoxQuiz 1M1
5/30OO Design, UML Overview; Exceptions, SUnit, and Refactoring
6/6Building User Interfaces Quiz 2 M2
6/13User Interface Design and Evaluation; Midterm review MIDTERM
6/20Design Patterns; Grammars and Parsing in Squeak ( M3
6/27Design Roundtable, Frameworks Quiz 3
7/4 Networking and Web Applications M4
7/11UI Show and Tell; Case Study: MAT, Case Study: Playwriter's Workbench; Optimizing Squeak
7/18Squeak VM; Different OO Languages; Garbage Collection
7/25Language Choices; Squeak and OO Research; Exam Review M5

Important Dates

5/30 - no class
6/17 - midterm
7/11 - UI Show and Tell
8/1 - Final exam from 2:50-5:40

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