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Summer 2005 Announcements

Bookmark this page to see any recent annoucements about the class from Lex Spoon.

July 29: I have posted some outside reading for the material that is not in the book: Outside Reading

July 26: I added some clarifications to Milestone 5 regarding the treatment of the other group's normal fish. Look under the section "Supporting Another Group's Denizens".

July 25: A sample final has been posted.

July 13: The default version of PWS in the universes browser is broken and gives you errors about "getData" not being understood. You need to do "update list from network" and then install version 0.2gt1.

July 8: Milestone 5 has been posted.

June 19: Stats for the midterm grades:

June 15: I have decided to drop the lowest of your three quiz grades. There has been too much angst and confusion about it.

June 15: I have posted progress reports for you on oscar, as required by school policy. I only had your M1 and Q1 to go by, however, so they are not very accurate. In particular, the midterm and final count over 50% of your final grade, but neither M1 nor Q1 gives a good idea of how you will do on them. Anyway, they are posted now. I computed an average of your grades with M1 weighted 70% and Q1 rated 30%, and gave you an S iff you have a 70 or above.

To get a more complete picture about your status in the class, you should factor in whether you think your M1 and Q1 grades were flukes (e.g., did you forget to come to class that day??), and you should look at the sample midterm and final and guesstimate how well you are going to do on them. And of course, by all means come see me or a TA if you'd like to talk further about your progress.

June 10: A sample midterm has been posted: Summer 2005 Sample Midterm.

June 10: The midterm is on FRIDAY, June 17, not on the 13th.

June 3: I will be an hour late to my office hour this afternoon because a friend is defending; I can stay late or arrange another meeting time if this causes anyone problems – just email me. -Lex Spoon

June 3: The midterm review was on the wrong week; the review will be the class before the midterm, not the week before the midterm.

May 25: I just tweaked the points on Milestone 1 so that there are some points allocated to your testBarComputations method. Don't forget to write it!

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