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Team Everyone Gets Laid

Ben Bachman
Sharjeel Hooda
Justin Mitchell
Eldon Stegall

Project: Creating a Location Based Service application in Squeak!

This project's main task was to create a program that would run on both a desktop and a PDA, whereby the users could move between locations, update their settings, view people at locations, and leave notes. Our group decided to provide people with the ability to play "location based battleship" against users at other locations as part of our sixth milestone.

Spring 2005 Milestone 2 - Build a Simple Location Service
Spring 2005 Milestone 3 - Design Everything
Spring 2005 Milestone 4 - Create a PDA Port
Spring 2005 Milestone 5 - Implement an Air Graffiti Service
Spring 2005 Milestone 6 - Design our own service: BATTLESHIP

Please enjoy our advice, regrets, and explanation. But most importantly, please enjoy the game, that's what it's there for!

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