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Team Real Programmers Drink Coke

Spring 2005

Welcome to the UnOfficial Site of Real Programmers Drink Coke.

"There are those who can and there are those who can't. The one's who can't drink pepsi and the one's who can form a 2 person teamp and complete the same project requirements as the 4 person team." (Quote from Michael Morceau, April 28, 2005). After staying up for 59 hours during dead week.

Here is an interesting link. Still have doubts?

Team members its a short list but a good one:


After getting off to a late start on M2, due to the fact that we were both still looking for a team to join. The Monday before M2 was due not being able to join a 3 or 4 person group, we desided to go it alone using Ivan's inspired design and create one of the "most as badest" 2 person team SQUEAK Location Based Service applications the CoC has ever seen. Below are a few links to some handy cases:

Milestone 2: Build a Simple Location Based Service
Milestone 3: Designing Everything
Milestone 4: Create PDA Port
Milestone 5: Implementation an Air Graffiti Service
Milestone 6: Designing Your Own Service
Screen Shots M3-M6
Squeak Coding Tricks - Learned
Squeak coding tricks learned

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