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Team WildCats

WildCats Members:

Scott Mathew Gilliland
Eric Daniel Melcher
Marco Lin

Milestone 3

Milestone 3 required us to design the implementions for all the milestones, both for the PDA and Desktop. At beginning it seemed to be straight forward, but when we tried to design it, many small issues, details, and constraints came up. Because this design has to work in the PDA, we must take extra consideration in performance and graphical usuability. Performance includes network and data structure as well. We need to make sure that the network cache is fast, especially for images. The network was implemented using SIXX string, which convert our Squeak objects into serialble XML objects. However, one of issue that we ran into is converting image into XML objects and passing thru network. It is extemely slow because it converts every single pixel into an XML tag. So we used GifReader and our Graphics class to cache some Images so that is not sent thru the network every time. For our GUI we needed to make sure that is would resize and work properly on the PDA, and still be user friendly. This required us to change and overwrite some methods in Morph to work correctly with our GUI.

Uploaded Image: M3umledited.png

Milestone 3 - CS2340Milestone3.pdf
Test Plan - TestPlan.doc
TimeLine Description - Description-Timeline.doc

Milestone 5

M5 is required us to develop a air Graffiti system. In this phase we made minor changes to our UML we added a couple classes to allow for a tabbed window. TabMorph will make our GUI classes reusable and easy to switch morphs. This also reduce the extra menus and pop-ups making the user usability more effient and less confusing. We had to modify the some components in Simple Morph, and Morph classes. The TwoWayScrollPane (used to display maps) didn't scroll correctly, so we rewrote the way the limits of scrolling are set. We also overrode a lot of methods such as extent overload the + and = methods that they had. In next milestone, we figured out how to recolor our gui by changing a thing or two in Morph, such as how adoptPaneColor works.

Uploaded Image: UML.JPG

Code -
Class Description - M5ClassDescription.doc
Readme M5 - README_M5.doc

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