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Team Win M1

Assignment information: Spring 2005 M1: Location-based Service Classes

This first milestone was a simple introduction to Smalltalk and Squeak. It focused on creating basic objects and performing simple operations with collections. This also served as an introduction to S-Unit testing and good commenting practice.

To future 2340 students, I suggest playing around in Squeak for a while before starting on the first Milestone. Getting use to the Squeak environment and its idiosyncrasies takes a little time, and it’s likely that you have not used a language very similar in syntax to Smalltalk before, so try to get use to it as much as you can. Once you are comfortable working in Squeak, you shouldn’t have any trouble completing this milestone. I had minimal trouble getting this to work and learned a good bit about Squeak in general.

The objects created in this milestone can be used in the future milestones if designed well. I looked ahead at the next milestones to help guide me in writing these basic classes, I suggest you do the same. Also, try to look around for alternative options before you commit to using one of the library classes. I found out after this milestone that I would have been better off using a dictionary object to store people rather than the collection I used. I could have done the same thing with less code.

Anyway, here’s the code:
turnin file

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