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Newspaper Sharing - Spring 2000

The newspapers I'm seeing in the turnins are TOO COOL! I'm very impressed with what y'all accomplished!

If you're willing, could you post your group's newspaper here? Postscript preferred, but if you didn't get Postscript generated, how about posting the BookMorph? (From the Red Halo Menu, save the Morph as a .morph file.) Just upload them via the attachments page, then link them in below with the group name. I think they're really neat and folks would be interested in seeing each others' results. And it'll make something neat to show the next CS2340 class.

Thanks! Mark Guzdial

Print Newspapers

Web Newspapers

Just a quick note for memory problems: NT, go to view->options->file types->(find the type corresponding to .image)->edit->open->edit, and type in (for the CoC)(whatever drive):\Apps\Squeak\Squeak.exe -memory: 128 "%1" to get access to 128 megs while within squeak. If you need to make a "new" type for .image, do so making the open action as above... Jared Ivey and Matthew Wolenetz

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