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Team BadApple

Welcome to the official website of Team BadApple!
Uploaded Image: badapple.gif
Our team consists of the four best designers and programers that the CoC has to offer:
In the Spring of 2005 we created a Location Based Service application. We used the wonderful object-oriented programming language known as Squeak to create both a desktop and PDA version of our application. The application allows users to specify their current location, view the locations of other people, read and write notes, and search for ice cream on a warm summer day... how exciting!

Learn from our advice and take a peek at how our project has evolved over the various milestones:

Milestone 2: Build a Simple Location Service

Milestone 3: Design Everything

Milestone 4: Create a PDA Port

Milestone 5: Implement an Air Graffiti Service

Milestone 6: Design Your Own Service

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