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Team Toast

Welcome to Team Toast's Cases page.

Team Members:

Pranay Harsh
Asif Heerji
Atishkumar Kalyan
Evan Hart Zasoski

Project Description:

The project for this semester was to create a location based service. As in the past, the project was divided into 6 milestones. The first milestone was an individual milestone and the remaning milestones were all completed as a team.


Here is our final package:

Milestone 2 (Team Toast) - We had to set up server/client functionality w/ a GUI for this milestone. Unfortunately, we didn't get at least 90/100 on this milestone so there is no cases page for this part. Your loss!

Milestone 3 (TT) - We got 87/100 points so we couldn't do a cases page for this part either. But keep looking.

Milestone 4 (TT) - The desktop interface was ported to the PDA. The server remained unchanged but the GUI was overhauled. It's smaller and sexier. We got a 94/100 on this part.

Milestone 5 (TT) - Air graffiti functionality was added in this phase.

Milestone 6 (TT) - Our own location based service was developed and supported by a desktop and PDA interface. We decided to create a restaurant review system. Users can find restaurants close to their location and view menus and reviews for these restaurants. Moreover, users can also write new reviews for restaurants.

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