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Milestone 3 Timeline

We used Microsoft Project and outputed it in HTML.

Project Start Date: Fri 2/18/05
Project Finish Date: Thu 4/28/05

PersonStart DateFinish Date
First M3 Meeting
JAMMFri 2/18/05Fri 2/18/05
JAMM Swiki
MatthewSat 2/19/05Sun 2/20/05
MatthewMon 2/21/05Wed 2/23/05
AngelaMon 2/21/05Wed 2/23/05
Scenario Critique Meeting
JAMMWed 2/23/05Wed 2/23/05
CRC cards Network
JeffWed 2/23/05Fri 2/25/05
CRC cards UI
MatthewWed 2/23/05Fri 2/25/05
CRC cards Core
MichaelWed 2/23/05Fri 2/25/05
CRC cards UI
AngelaWed 2/23/05Fri 2/25/05
CRC Critique Meeting
JAMMFri 2/25/05Fri 2/25/05
Actions and Services Design
JeffSat 2/26/05Tue 3/1/05
Actions and Services Design
MichaelSat 2/26/05Tue 3/1/05
Desktop UI Design
MatthewSat 2/26/05Tue 3/1/05
Desktop UI Design
AngelaSat 2/26/05Tue 3/1/05
Design Critique Meeting
JAMMTue 3/1/05Tue 3/1/05
TA Design Meeting
JAMMWed 3/2/05Wed 3/2/05
M3 Progress Evaluation Meeting
JAMMThu 3/3/05Thu 3/3/05
Services UML
JeffFri 3/4/05Mon 3/7/05
Actions UML
MichaelFri 3/4/05Mon 3/7/05
MatthewFri 3/4/05Mon 3/7/05
AngelaFri 3/4/05Mon 3/7/05
Action Class Descriptions
MichaelMon 3/7/05Tue 3/8/05
Service Class Descriptions
JeffMon 3/7/05Tue 3/8/05
UI Test Plan & Class Descriptions
MatthewMon 3/7/05Tue 3/8/05
UI Test Plan & Class Descriptions
AngelaMon 3/7/05Tue 3/8/05
Final M3 Meeting
JAMMWed 3/9/05Wed 3/9/05
JAMMThu 3/10/05Thu 3/10/05

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