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Group Members:
Nebo Abraham
Justin Kuo
Gary Mann
Shreyas Srinivas

The Milestones for the 2340 in the Spring of 05 was to develop a Location Based Servies
for a PDA. There were 6 milestones in all to complete the project. Things to take away
from this class is that although 2340 might not be another version of 2335, but it
is one where you start ahead of time and have lot of creative ideas. Also have your designs
good really helps you out in that the latter milestones are based upon the previous ones.
With a efficient design, the less work you have to do for the future and just add on the
already existing design. With that said heres some code as well as design used in milestones
1 through 6 along with a brief description of how it was done.

Our code is posted at the end of each of these pages. Feel free to take a look at it for
further reference.
Indivual Milestone1

Team Milestone2

Team Milestone3

Team Milestone4

Team Milestone5

Team Milestone6

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