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The Morphers

The Morphers are: Galina Yeremenchuk, Nick Michalko, and Albert Urshansky.

Here's the screen shot of our project before it was web-based.
Take a look at our other design for the web-based interface.
The Morphers, Web Interface

This is how it works. When 'Newspaper start' is executed, the screen in the upper left appears. User has 4 options: Select News Categories, Generate Newspaper, Load Configuration File, and Quit.

If Select News Categories is chosen, then the screen in the upper right appears, with the list of all possible categories, the user is able to select from. Selecting News Categories works the following way: each category is a so-called "Clickable String". If the user clicks on the string once, that means that this category is chosen, if the user double clicks on the string(name of the category), the window on the left(same as window on the lower right) appears. You can have as many of those windows open as you want. To select the news sources, the user just needs to click once on the string(name of the news source), and the name highlights, meaning that it's chosen.

To select Primary Category, user clicks on the button "Select Primary Category" on the Select News Categories Window. A little box pops up(similar to the one on the lower left), asking user to enter the category he wishes to designate as primary.

When "Load Configuaration File" is chosen, a box on the lower left appears. User enters the name of the file to load, and clicks 'accept'.

To generate the newspaper, just click 'Generate Newspaper', and the paper is generated based on the news sources that have been selected.

To quit the program, just click on 'Quit', or the 'x' in the upper left corner of the window.

Uploaded Image: screenshot2.jpg

Here are CRC cards we've created using Boost:

This is the Class Diagram:

Uploaded Image: newspaper.gif

Here's the link to our code for the entire system.

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