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M3 Demos for Lex Spoon

Students need to demo their Milestone 3 in advance, so that we can check up that you are heading the right way. Take advantage of this opportunity – this is the guy who is grading your assignment, and so they can give you extremely accurate feedback.

This page is for Lex Spoon's students. You can give an M3 demo to me any time you like; see the Admin Pages for my office hours.

I will be inthe CoC commons on Thursday the 3rd. Please edit this page and fill in a time that is good for you:

I'll be available from 10:00-2:00 (at least) on Friday the 4th, but you have to sign up in advance, and you have to come to TSRB! I won't be at my normal office hour.

Here is who already signed up for Monday the 28th: