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Ectropic Design

Ectropic Design is a project at Georgia Tech to improve the way open source software works. Along the way, it includes a OO analysis and design tool in Squeak that meshes perfectly with the OOA/OOD/OOP process that is taught in this class. Students in most semesters, including Spring 2005, may submit their scenarios, CRC cards, and/or class diagrams as an Ectropic project if you wish.

Ectropic and Squeak 3.5

To install Ectropic Design in Squeak 3.5, open the "Package Loader". Say "yes" if it asks to install SqueakMap. First install SARInstaller, and then install ECoDE itself.

To start EctropicDesign, open a workspace and type "EctropicDesign start".

Be aware that the networking code of ECoDE does not work in Squeak 3.5. Everything else does, but you'll have to arrange some other way to share your .ect files.

Ectropic and Squeak 3.6 or newer

3.6 is not standard for Spring 2005, but if you use it, you can save your ectropic projects on a server.

To load ECoDE into a 3.6 or newer Squeak, follow pretty much the same instructions as for 3.5. If you are asked to load a newer version of SqueakMap, say yes. Don't install SARInstaller, because it is already included.


ECoDE Frequently Asked Questions

The main Ectropic page:

Spring 2004 Ectropic Design has a lot of info from a previous class offering that used the tool.

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