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Wow, data was slow. At least it wasn't late like how it is over a modem. Don't worry, data is always slow. Now that all parsing is finished let's check out Squeaking Loudly's Newspaper (version 1)


We used the Transcript to help us understand what was going on during the parsing stage. If we printed too much stuff on the Transcript it wasn't much help because it was so messy. Although noone really looks at the Transcript, it does help to clean it up some. One thing that helped us was to put a DONE PARSING message so we knew when to go to the Newspaper. Another thing we did was show which parsers were parsing and which article it was parsing. Take a look at ESPN Sports Transcript:

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Our parsers ended up being very reusable. Our BBC Parsers were very reusable. Mike wrote the BBC Parser and they proved to be very usefull for me. I reused his code with some minor changes to code my ESPN Parsers.

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