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Questions on Spring 2005 M4

Add Questions on Spring 2005 M4 here.

When trying to upload our submission, we received the following message:

Upload to Team Twiki Failed
Sorry! Sorry, your upload could not be completed. If added, the uploads disk quota (allocated to this Swiki) would have been exceeded. There are only -704583320 b of uploads space available. Contact the system administrator to increase the disk quota.

How we supposed to turnin ou M4 if the turnin page does not have turnin for M4?
Marco Lin

The examples in the sample M3 from 2002 are 404.
Nicholas Bendler

Are "class descriptions and names" just the documentation of the class in the code or is it a specific document?
Sharjeel (Surge) Hooda

Any idea on how to turn off annoying warning messages e.g. "do you wish to
over-write file", etc temporarily?
Waqas Sheikh
I'm really not sure what you're referring to. When are you getting this error message? Is it a Squeak error message? The source code for everything that's not a primitive is in the running Squeak environment. If you don't like the way that it behaves, then change it and make sure it's included in your change set.
Andrew Sayman

Try being careful about which methods of FileStream you choose. For example, if you choose newFileNamed:, then of course it is going to complain when an old file already exists. Also, you could consider deleting files when you are done with them. -Lex Spoon

How do we do ATL+D on the PDA? The quit menu from Squeak doesnot scroll down making us to do a soft boot. There is any other way?
Marco Lin

I'm not sure about another way from the PDA, but I have some advice. The source code for the whole interface is open and available when running Squeak. If you look at TheWorldMenu buildWorldMenu, you can see and change the code that is used to build the menu. Try cutting out some of the entries you never use so you can reach the quit button. Andrew Sayman

Jeff showed us in class on Tuesday, 3/29/2005. Here's a screenshot of the button you click on, which then pops up a menu from which you can select 'do it': External Image Sebastian Becerra

Cool. How did you make the screenshot, if I may ask? -Lex Spoon
CTRL + PrintScreen (Win) or PrintScreen x2 (Unix) -Matthew Bowman

Is there a way to limit the memory usage of the VM for the windows or linux version? My group is getting out of memory errors when running on the PDA and it would be nice if we could simulate them on a real computer. I tried the "-memory" flag with 12 and 1 as arguments, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Thanks. Sebastian Becerra
Good idea! There are definitely ways. You can run the VM with a -memory: option on Windows or the -memory option on Unix. Also, look under the "VM Preferences" menu, findable by clicking at the top left edge of the Squeak window on Windows. There may be an option there. -Lex Spoon

Will we be graded based on the network performance of our PDA interface? Matthew
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but your performance should be reasonable. If the performance is so slow that features appear to not work correctly, then, in a way, you'll be graded based on it. Andrew Sayman

What do I do when Squeak crashes on my PDA? I tried doing an "End Task" type of thing, but it's unable to stop it. I can't delete it, and I can't run it anymore either. It was working fine for a while, and I almost thought it was pretty cool. Premature.

The only thing I've been able to figure out is a 'hard reboot'–just take the battery out, and put it back in :-) Sebastian Becerra

We experienced this same issue in our group and a 'soft reboot' should fix this issue as well. Simply press the reset button located on the bottom right of the iPAQ PDAs using your stylus. Matthew

You also can soft-reboot by going "settings" –> "System" –> "selfTest" and only select "Led Notification" and then run it. This should reboot you PDA. Marco Lin

Some student showed me that there is a hard reset button on the bottom of the device, as well. So you don't have to yank the battery! Just stick a pin in there. -Lex Spoon

Could you please post the email address of the person with whom we're supposed to get into contact if our PDA is not working?
drwhite {at} cc –Andrew Sayman
Incidentally, the rumor is that swapping batteries can often help you get a "dead" PDA to start again. -Lex Spoon

As promised, the Squeak VM I use on the PDAs is now available.Jeff

The link for an example on a general format for class descriptions links to someone else's case, but their links are all broken, so there are not actually any examples there.

Will we be using the standard image on our PDA's, or a PDA-specific image?

You're welcome to use either.Jeff

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