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Spring 2005 M2: Build a Simple Location Service

(Group, Due 2/17)

Now that you've implemented some of the initial classes, you'll need to build a first version of your location server and create a simple graphical interface. The very first step is to form your team. Then your team will develop a server that will store information about places and create a simple graphical interface to allow users to specify their location, view the location of other people, and select a person to get more information.

Questions on Spring 2005 Milestone 2


Team Forming:

For this milestone you will need to form a group of 3-4 students from within the class. You might find it helpful to read about Team Issues, particularly the Tips for working in groups. This group will be responsible together for milestones 2 through 6. Your first task for M2 is to form your group, and create a team entry on the Swiki in the Spring 2005 Team Declaration Page. YOU CANNOT DO THIS PROJECT ALONE (or in a 2 person group)!! You may reuse any code that you wrote for M1 if you feel it is useful. The only restriction is that the M1 code reused must have been written by one of the members of your group.


For this milestone you'll be creating a server for your places and a simple graphical user interface. You can create this GUI using whatever mechanism you want (MVC, Morphic, etc.).

The specific requirements for the server are:

The specific requirements for the GUI are:


Before class time, turn-in your code on the cs2340turnin coweb: with the code 'M2'. It will greatly help your TA if you also include a README with instructions on how to work your UI, presuming you haven't shown them in person (which would be even better).

In class, please turn-in:
Include your TA's name, as well as the names of the team members, on materials you turn-in in class.


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