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Spring 2005 Team Declaration Page

Edit this page to list the names of you team members, (along with preferred e-mail addresses, please). Teams must have 3 or 4 members. If you have only 3, you may include a note indicating whether you are looking for another team member. You are also encouraged to come up with a creative team name (see previous terms if you want examples).


Team Everyone Gets "Laid"

Ben "Big 'Feet'" Bachman
Sharjeel (Surge) "Like they do it in Pakistan" Hooda
Justin "The Shocker" Mitchell
Eldon "Hairy EVERYWHERE" Stegall

Team Toast

Evan Zasoski
Asif Heerji
Pranay Harsh
Atish Kalyan

Canned Heat The coolest guy ever
Brian Geihsler
Mark Brown
Chee Soon Lee
Richard Bryan

You don't want what I got...It crawls and can jump a mile.

Cyrus Radfar
Peter Budny
Chad Hansen
Joseph Irwin

Team Wu-Tang Crispy Rooster-tossers

Team Everyone Gets Paid

Team Duck Tape

Union of Code Monkeys local #409


Yevgeny(Jack) Keyser
Matthew Lee
Matthew Winters
Matthew Worley

Fantastic Underwater Clownfish Killers

Larry Olson
Joanna Leidy
David Leuszler
Drew Smathers

External Image

Jeffrey Yunes
Angela Navarro
Michael Norris
Matthew Bowman

Team Oglesby

Patrick Bailey
Darryl Prince
Michael Hansen
Robert Walker

Lawrence Tse
Daniel Funaki
Taiji Kamiya
Doug Shaffren

Team Twiki
Chris Beauregard
Robery Vineyard
Nirmal Thakker
Michael Odom

Mad Scientist's Union # 42
John Dibble
Stephen Schulze
Kimberly Spreen
Tim Liu

The Team - group page
Buddy Moore
Tyler Weston
Puyan Lotfi


Sarah Tursell
Tyler Overman
Pat Gill
Dick Dyer

The Silicon Mountaineers
David Schachter
Ben Chambers
Roy Johnson (gtg870t)
Kien Lam

Team BadApple

Mark DeJesus
Daniel Keeney
Daniel M. LaRoche
Iain MacLeish

Project Site

Team Screamin' "Feed Us"
Justin Cropsey
Summers Pittman
Brian Beaudoin
Rory Gordon

Team _______
Justin Kuo
Shreyas Srinivas
Nebo Abraham
Gary Mann

Team NameUndecided
Niraj Vashi
Vimal Patel

Equipo Sin Nombre
Sebastian Becerra
Neel Parekh
Troy Brant
Jonathan Clark

Team: Coocoo
Maiko Chujo
Long Tran
Chinh Tran
Tri Nguyen

Team "Us > You"

Drew Chiang
Brian Smith
Askhay Bhushan
Waqas Sheikh

Team Five Alive

Eric Scukanec
Kurt Margenau
John Kelly
Nick Bendler

Don't lie.......

Team 13
Allison Jensen
Scott Kilpatrick
Billy Hoffman
Seth Levy

Team Real Programmers Drink Coke
Ivan Matyunin
Mike Morceau
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Rabid Fudgesicles
Jason Markowitz
Jon Storrick
Tina Chou
Todd Lewis

2B Determined
Nate Wilson
Cheol-woo Jung
Tom Hunter
Justin Smith

Team Win
Daniel Harvey
Shovaen Patel
Thomas Anderson
Mike Hitt

The Masqueraders
Adam Malinowski
Dana VanDevender
Derek Kinney

Team Victorious

Wild Cats

Scott Mathew Gilliland

Eric Daniel Melcher

Marco Lin

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