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Spring 2005 M1: Location-based Service Classes

(Individual, Due 1/27)

For this milestone you'll implement some of the basic classes for your location-based services. You'll implement a Place class and a Person class.

Questions on Spring 2005 Milestone 1


Learn basic Smalltalk syntax and design and implement a simple Smalltalk program as an individual effort. Use SUnit to perform simple unit tests of code.


1. Your class Place must at least implement the follow methods:

2. Your class Person must at least implement the following methods:

3. Test the methods using SUnit. You should have SUnit classes PlaceTest and PersonTest. These should be runnable from within TestRunner and contain tests for each method.


Before class time, turn-in your well-documented code (at least two lines of comments for each non-accessor method, in-line comments at significant portions) using the turn in swiki ( with the code 'M1'.


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