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Spring 2005 Project Questions

Ask general questions about the project here. Please add questions to the TOP of the list, so that most recent questions appear first.

What material will we be expected to know for the quiz tommorrow?

Could someone please put the files for each chapter on the website? They are not available on the CD and the ones currently available online have errors.

How do you place classes into the standard library(so they load on startup)?
I'm not clear what you're asking here. Any classes you load / enter into your image will be part of your library in that image. Is that what you're asking?


You can add classes to any category that you want to in the Browser if that's what you mean. You can treat categories that came with the system as if they are you're own. You can change any of that code at any time. – Andrew Sayman

Will teams be chosen automatically for vacant participants?
Nope. You're responsible for forming your team. Try posting to the list if you need to find teammates. – Andrew Sayman