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Spring 2005 Who's Who

This page lists pages for the people in the class. Please add a page for yourself. Click on "edit", add your name in the appropriate place alphabetically, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away!

Do be careful not to rename this page, and please don't lock the page, since it's a shared resource.

You might also check out Using this CoWeb if you haven't already.

Instructor: Jeff Pierce

Babak Banijamali
Nick Baughman
Tyler Crawford
Andrew Sayman
Lex Spoon


Merlin Ambrosius
Thomas Anderson
Ben Bachman
Patrick Bailey
Chris Beauregard
Brian Beaudoin
Nicholas Bendler
Matthew Bowman
Troy Brant
Mark Brown
Tony Brown
Peter Budny
Kevin Burdett
(An)drew Chiang
Jonathan Clark
Mark DeJesus
Ilya Dovidovskii
Jeremy Duvall
Richard Dyer
Daniel Funaki
Chad Hansen
Michael Hansen
Asif Heerji
Michael Hitt
Billy Hoffman
Sharjeel (Surge) Hooda
Tom Hunter
Blake Israel
Joseph Irwin
Cheol-woo Jung
Daniel Keeney
John Kelly
Jack Keyser
Derek Kinney
Kien Lam
Daniel M. LaRoche
Chee Soon Lee
Matthew Lee
David Leuszler
Puyan Lotfi
Adam Malinowski
Justin Mitchell
Angela Navarro
Tri Nguyen
Larry Olson
Tyler Overman
T Duckett Perrie
Cyrus B. Radfar
Stephen Schulze
Waqas Sheikh
Brian Smith
Justin Smith
Eldon Stegall
Jon Storrick
Hong Tan
John Tran
Sarah Tursell
Jeff Wei
Matthew Winters
Lawrence Tse
Jeffrey Yunes
Douglas Shaffren
Danish Zia
Akshay Bhushan
Sebastian Becerra
Eric Melcher
Scott Mathew Gilliland
Marco Lin

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