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Select News Sources

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And here we are, we get to choose some sources. We chose ESPN TV Listings, BBC Science and CNN national news. As you can see National News is our primary category, so CNN National News will be on the front page. We press the Save Settings button to save our preferences and then we Start The Server.

Again, this is very simple to use.

Something that we had to fix was one of our methods in the class that layed out the articles (LayoutManager). At first we had the following code in one method that called each parser. We had a parser for each source. That's 21 parsers. Now imagine how big this method was.

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Therefore, we delegated some responsibility to other methods like the one above.

Now that we split it up like this, it is easier to change the way our LayoutManager lays out articles from each source separately instead of searching through one huge method.

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