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Team: SixAM (but you can call us awesome)

Our project was a version of the game The Sims.

After a semester of slaving away at a keyboard we probably have a few useful things to say.

Instead of boring you with a description of our game I will give you what you really want – what morphs to use.

ImageMorphs - pass them a form which has a method fromFileNamed and you will get what you need. They are GREAT. Don't keep recreating them though, as that is expensive.

RectangleMorph - Was our canvas. Great for drawing on. Does fullscreen mode easily.

ReferenceStream - GODSEND. Don't need to worry about parsing or saving or anything. Every object in Squeak is serializable. Our save and load functionaility was 10 lines. And it was better than everyone elses, as you could export/import individual students and buildings.

TranformationMorph - allows for changing of images on the fly. Need to rotate an image? Don't draw it four times, just tranform it by 90 degrees every time. Saved us a lot of animations.

With those simple morphs any complex program can be created. Happy?

And from what I've seen this semester from other peoples projects... don't aim high. Aim low and make it perfect. A nice looking high quality project with little depth beats a design you will never have time to implement. The quote of the semester was "I have a solid backend". Who cares if your frontend doesn't do anything?

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