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Team: two asians, an indian, and a mikie's sim tech cases

Team America: 2 Asians, 1 Indian and a Mikie

Our Cases Page

Overview: The semester project for fall 2004 was to write a simulation game, which simulates a world similar to tech. The game was aptly titled "SimTech" and takes much after the hit game, The Sims. The project was spread over 6 milestones where the first was an individual project and 2-6 were group projects. For our group, this project presented many challanges and expierances in group interaction and coding in a new langauge.
Milestones 2-6 have been posted here. the entire submission file has been posted for each milestone and in which you can view our code, design for each milestone, and any other files we included.
In this cases study, i will provide a detailed look at the design process and the group interactions in each phase.

2A1I&M m2 - Enable Characters to Interact with the World
2A1I&M m3 - Design the Rest of the Prokect
2A1I&M m4 - Add a Graphical Representation and a Usable GUI
2A1I&M m5 - Incorporate a Simulation Engine
2A1I&M m6 - Be Creative! You are Now a Game Designer

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