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Read the comment section for this class for a decent explanation on how this works and what classes can aid you.

Useful methods

addMorph: aMorph
Every morph has a collection called submorphs. Calling this method will add a morph to that collection. The morph will decide how to redraw itself based on its layout policy and the properties of the submmorph. A good way to learn this concept is to do an explore on a morph and click on the variable submorphs.

layoutFrame: aLayoutFrame
This only needs to be called and set if the parent morph is using a layoutPolicy of ProportionalLayout.

layoutPolicy: aLayoutPolicy
This only needs to be called if you plan to add submorphs to the morph and wish to have a policy for how the morph lays the submorphs out. Some possible options include the classes TableLayout and ProportionalLayout.

lock: aBoolean
Makes the morph unaccessible but seen if locked.

Returns the parent morph. Useful when dealing with a child morph and wishing to access another child morph from the same parent.

showBalloon: msgString
Call this method and pass it a formatted string of text to display the user. Similar to ToolTips. Best called from an overridden mouseOver method.

visible: aBoolean
Makes the morph appear or disappear. Good for buttons that should not be available based on certain views as well as menu items that should not appear.

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