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M3: Design the Rest of the Project

Requirements and Analyses breakdown

1) UML class diagram for the entire system.

In addition to the previous class diagram, we added features–simulation and graphic-rendering. Our entire diagram is too complex because there are too many intersecting lines for inheritances and associations. So we present here disected version of our class diagram. Our presentation is in terms of the two most important issues, as pointed earlier.

As of this milestone, our simulation algorithm is synchronization through a singleton game engine.

Uploaded Image: HD-M3-Simulation.jpg

SimTech is the start. It starts up the whole thing. After GameEngine is ready, Ticker accepts its registrees and periodically fires. When the ticker ticks, Person generates an Event object and sends it onto EventQueue; at the same time, GameEngine checks EventQueue and grant the permission to perform the first event in order.

2) UML sequence diagrams illustrating the following:

3) Test plan

4) Team member roles

5) Internal group timeline with dates, responsibilities, and milestones.

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