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Presentation Signups - Fall 2004

Sign up your group below for a presentation about your game and its design. All members of each group presenting will receive one point of extra credit on their final grades.

Presentations will take place on Tuesday 11/30 and Thursday 12/2. If you sign up, it is possible that you will be selected to present on either day. Please indicate if your group is particularly interested in a slot on Tuesday.

Your presentation should be planned to include things that are unique and (hopefully) interesting about your work. At a minimum, it should include:

Add your group name and the names of all of the members in the box below:

Team #5
Team name: OTIB OS

Jose Caban
Andrew Knight
Dung Nguyen
Vladimir Urazov

Team # -17
Team Name: Anti-Robot Stealth Corp 7: The Reckoning ~Mechacidal Rage Remix~

o Nick Baughman
o Matt Schulze
o Mostafa Alattar
o John Hannafin

Team Name: Nameless (we'll go Tuesday)
Adam Bernstein
Caleb Galeas
Joel Miller
Rick Ventuolo

Team #8
Team name: Not yet determined

o Quoc Tran
o Josh Laseter
o Kenneth Czechwski
o Matthew Ward

Team 9:
(please let us present on Thursday)

Chad Etzel
Chris Lewis
Chris Hood
Kenny Cranford

Team Pip Squeaks
(we prefer Thursday also)
Michelle Kitaoka
Babak Banijamali
Shaun Whitt
Landon Sparks

Squeak Destroyers
(Thursday, please)
Zach Allen
Bill Phillips
Saxon Unrue
Eric Withrow

(TEAM AMERICA) 2 asians, 1 indian, and a mikie (Thursday please)

In Jae Yi
Joves Luo
Shalu Simon
Michael Rexroad

CS2340 Greatest Team Ever (Thursday PLEASE)
Jason Sirichoke
Topraj Gurung
Salil Sethi

Team: "I Love Sleep"
Mike Messa
Steve Fennell
Danielle Nagel
Frank Johnston

Harry Dunlop, Inc.
Scott Betzel
Michael Flournoy
Ryan Juang
Jonathan Ji

o Roshan 'Brown Devil' Khan
o Jason 'Particle Effects' Ho
o Tyler 'Yellow Hat' Crawford
o Joe 'Chi-talian' Chaippini



Albert Sacks
Ali Ihsan
Jawwad Ahmad
Imran Chowdhury

Rich White Guy - Thursday

Team #Awesome - Wyld Stallyns

Ian Rudie
Andrew Lieffring
Nate Jacobson
Mark Lewis

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