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Fall 04 Midterm 2 Review: Segway Palm

Drawing the UML is way too hard for us lowly students, a TA should grace us with their vast amounts of UML knowledge and give us one.

so the only rational one to answer:

b) An adapter seems to make sense here. You can use the Adapter to "adapt" the Map Objects to what the various other components require. Using this, it would simplify the interactions between the Map, Zagat's Guide, and the GPS function. This also comes in handy with the speaker selector, which needs to take input from two different devices.

i) errands do: [:each | gridMap highlightFor: each.].

ii) streetNames := (errands collect: [:aLocation | aLocation streetname.]).
streetNames do: [:eachStreet | ((streetNames select: [:eachStreet2 | eachStreet = eachStreet2.]) size > 1) ifTrue:
[Transcript show: 'There is more than one errand for street: ', eachStreet.].
streetNames := streetNames reject: [:eachStreet2 | eachStreet = eachStreet2.].].

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