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Fall 04 Midterm 2 Review: Simulations

1. A discrete simulation is a "behavioral model of individual interacting objects". Time is "changed fixed steps or jump to the time of the next 'interesting' event". A continuous simulation is a "mathematical model of a complex system, describing changes over fixed time intervals".

2. A ticking clock "ticks in the usual manner" which allow all objects an opportunity to do any desired actions before the time changes. It can provide a synchronization service. Using a ticking clock allows for smoother animation. An event queue driven clock is "done by moving the clock forward..." "...when the next event occurs". "Implementation of this approach requires a queue of events, ordered by time of occurrence". "Execution of actions related to an event frequently results in a subsequent event being scheduled".

All these information is taken from the 10-Simulation[1].ppt lecture slides.

~Quoc Tran

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