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Our m4 repository

at the very least, someone should password protect this page. its not relaly ok to post code for the current semesters projects until they are complete. this is giving anyone in the class access to your hard work...

Edit Our m4 repository here.
Milestone 4 Scenarios
Milestone 4 Test Plans
GUI IMAGE.image – image – gui latest – most current, in progress.. michelle – Babak's latest Grid and other changes.. I'll be in CoC by 2:30pm! – Latest Statistics and ListModel

GT-SimCity-GUI(new).zip – display person fix – stat fix

Create-item access – Mostest mostest recent! – Landon, this is for you.

iCreate iDescription iFalse iHappiness iHunger iNext iSleep iStress iTrue iWeight isMovable iSketchArray iImageArray iCurrentSketch iDisplayedSketch – FILE IN AND RUN TEST RUNNER AND MAKE SURE IT PASSES ALL, IT SHOULD I VERIFIED THAT ALL WORK – As of 2:25am, Shaun and Babak are heading home. Note to self: in the morning file this in and Landon's and interract with people around currentPerson. – I added comments to the ?

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