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M4-M6 Schedule


[Thu 10/21] M3 Due
[Fri 10/22] Start M4 if not already started
[Sun 10/24] Main Game Interface, Background, Menu Options, and Buttons
[Mon 10/25] Load Parser Complete
[Thu 10/28] Meet to Discuss
[Sun 10/31] Thing and Person Graphics, Interface Handler Finalized. Campus to Building GUI switching.
[Tue 11/02] M4 Due


[Sun 11/07] Time Logic and Simulations done
[Mon 11/08] Random Logic and Simulation done
[Wed 11/09] Meeting
[Sun 11/14] All simulation completed, Any graphics fixed
[Tue 11/16] M5 Due


[Sun 11/21] Develop People and Buildings to be added by user, Develop working Scheme to allow Person movement
[Wed 11/24] Overwrite save feature, Develop Saving game status vs saving Game Objects
[Fri 11/26] Develop Room Creator
[Sun 11/28] All implementation 75% done ready for testing
[Wed 12/01] All implementation done
[Thu 12/02] M6 Due

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