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GT-SIM Design

Metabolism Hunger to Eat Fillingness
ADD Boredom to Play Funness
Laziness Fatigue to Sleep Amount (of rest)
Major Workload to Work Kind (of study)
Codependency Loneliness to Socialize Acquaintance

High Metabolism makes Hunger increase more quickly.High Fillingness of food makes Hunger decrease more quickly.
High ADD makes Boredom increase more quickly.High Funness of activity makes Boredom decrease more quickly.
High Laziness makes Fatigue increase more quickly.High Amount of rest makes Fatigue decrease more quickly.
High Major Difficulty makes Workload increase more quickly.High Kind of study makes Workload decrease more quickly.
High Codependency makes Loneliness increase more quickly.High Acquaintance makes Loneliness decrease more quickly.

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