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M3 - Scenarios

•Player Bill opens the game and selects from the menu “new game” to start a new game.

•Bill wants to make a new character Bob, so he click the add character button in the game menu.

•Bill then is faced with the option of setting Bob’s attributes, so he chooses customize Bob’s attributes, and he sets Bob’s intelligence to the max level, ignoring Bob’s social attribute.

•Bill selects where in the world to place Bob, and he selects a residential room in one of the preset dormitory buildings, and the game assigns that room to Bob only.

•Bill decides to give Bob a bed to sleep in, so he clicks on the buy object tab, clicks on the bed icon, clicks where in the room to place the bed, then clicks done to place the object and the cost of the object is deducted from his money total.

•Bill realizes Bob’s energy level is low, so he moves Bob over to the bed and selects the bed to go to sleep.

•Bill notices that time has passed as denoted by the simulation time in the clock on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

•Bill notices that Bob’s energy level reaches maximum, then Bob automatically wakes up.

•Bill moves Bob to the end of his dorm hall where there is a vending machine, then has Bob interact with the machine, causing a menu to pop up with the available items that Bob can buy.

•Bill selects the item that he wants Bob to buy from the vending machine, then the cost of the item is deducted from Bob’s money total and the item is placed in Bob’s inventory.

•Bill doesn’t want Bob to use the candy bar anytime soon, so he moves Bob over to the refrigerator in Bob’s dorm room, then selects the refrigerator, causing a menu to pop up showing what items are currently in the refrigerator and what items are in Bob’s inventory, allowing Bill to switch items from the inventory to the refrigerator and vice versa.

•Bill decides to add a character Jill to interact with Bob, so he goes to the new character section of the main menu, and clicks add new character.

•Bill places the new character in the room next to Bob’s, then goes back to the main menu and switches back over to controlling Bob.

•Bill moves Bob into the room next door, and Bob meets Jill by clicking the interact button on the play menu then selecting Jill.