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Fall 2004 Exam 1 Solutions

1. (20) History of Object-Oriented Programming

  1. How did an early drawing tool influence object-oriented thought
  2. What was the motivation for the development of Simula 67 and what were the two object-oriented programming languages that it influenced
  3. What was the primary application goal of the Dynabook project at Xerox PARC?
  4. Since the early days of Smalltalk, compling to a virtual machine has been used to make Smalltalk easily portable to multiple hardware platforms. The first ports involved writing a new virtual machine for each platform. How did the developers of Squeak make porting their system even simpler?

2. (20) Know Your Boxes

3. (20) Testing

4. (20) Grandchildren's Names

5. (20) Extend the Design

to get full credit for this question you had to provide the following in an obvious manner:
below is what we considered perhaps the "best" solution:

you also had to use correct uml class diagram syntax. some common errors here:

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