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Team MOUSE (nobody clicks like us)

Ali - Hey so I changed the team name, hope no one has any objections.

I've been seeing the other swikis and I think we should be a lil more active here.


And remeber the mouse is mightier than the keyboard...

w _ Wonderland new.
w getDefaultCamera getMorph extent: 640@480.
w getDefaultCamera getMorph showCameraControls.
barney _ w makeActorFrom: 'Z:\Objects\Animals\PurpleDinosaur.mdl'.
alice _ w makeActorFrom: 'Z:\Objects\Animals\AliceLiddell.mdl'.
alice resize: 1/2.
barney resize: 1/3.
"purpleDinosaur turn: left turns: 1/2."
barney move: #forward.
barney moveTo: {1. 0. 0}.
"alice moveTo: {0. 0. 0}."
dragon _ w makeActorFrom: 'Z:\Objects\Animals\Dragon.mdl'.
dragon moveTo: {-1. 0. 0}.
dragon resize: 1.5.

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