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Completed Assignments

Reference of completed assignments and who was responsible.

Group - [2004.09.17] Wrote scenarios for M2.
Jheinka - [2004.09.17] Set up IRC Server on Templeton. (Big ups to Wes for helping us out)
Squeaky - [2004.09.17] Set up CVS repository, now available for the group.
Group - [2004.09.19] Finished all scenarios for M2.
Group - [2004.09.19] Finished all CRC Cards for M2.
Group - [2004.09.19] Finished UML class diagrams for M2.
Jheinka - [2004.09.20] Made digital UML class diagram and uploaded to CVS repository.
Jheinka - [2004.09.26] Wrote SUnit tests: PersonTest, ThingTest, and MovableTest.
Squeaky - [2004.09.26] Wrote classes: Building, Room, Item, FixedItem, and TransportableItem.
Mole - [2004.09.26] Wrote classes: Person (update for M2), and Movable.
MoFro - [2004.09.27] Wrote class: Thing (update for M2) Wrote SUnit tests: BuildingTest, and RoomTest.
Jheinka - [2004.09.28] UML updated to adhere to changes necessary for functionality.
Mole - [204.09.29] corrected Person functionality for any SUnit errors/failures.
Mole - [2004.09.29] corrected Movable functionality for any SUnit errors/failures.
Jheinka - [2004.09.29] Wrote testUpdate method for Person.
Squeaky - [2004.09.29] corrected Building functionality for any SUnit errors/failures.
Squeaky - [2004.09.29] corrected Room functionality for any SUnit errors/failures.
MoFro - [2004.09.29] Updated CRC cards to reflects changes in desgin.
Jheinka - [2004.09.29] Wrote demonstration workspace code for turnin.
Jheinka - [2004.09.29] Assisted with debugging many, many SUnit errors/failures.
———————————M2 Completed———————————
Jheinka - [2004.10.08] Corrected saveString functions in all M2 classes to a unified standard.
Mole - [2004.10.12] Finished scenarios (albeit a bit late)
Mole - [2004.10.17] Finished test plan
Jheinka - [2004.10.18] Made UML class diagrams for M4, M5, and M6.
Squeaky - [2004.10.19] Made CRC Cards for M4, M5, and M6.
Mole - [2004.10.20] Touched up the scenarios and test plan (final versions)
Jheinka - [2004.10.20] Defined team member roles.
Jheinka - [2004.10.20] Made timeline for project parts and completion times.
MoFro - [2004.10.21] Made UML Sequence Diagrams for M4, M5, and M6. (Unnessarily Late)
———————————M3 Completed———————————
Jheinka - [2004.10.27] Wrote classes: WorldSection and SimTechWorld.
Jheinka - [2004.10.28] Made ExportManager a singleton class and Wrote an initialize method for Saveable.
Mole - [2004.10.29] Wrote basis for class: MainDisplayWindow.
Squeaky - [2004.10.29] Wrote basis for class: Kernel.
Jheinka - [2004.10.29] Wrote class: FileImporter.
Jheinka - [2004.10.30] Made initialize: methods for certain M2 classes for game loading.
Jheinka - [2004.10.31] Made makeAssociations: methods for certain M2 classes for game loading.
MoFro - [2004.10.31] Wrote class: DisplayView.
Jheinka - [2004.11.04] Revised/Corrected MainDisplayWindow code.
Mole - [2004.11.05] Wrote classes: ActionLists and MainDisplayWindow. (MDW still incomplete)
Jheinka - [2004.11.07] Revised/Corrected many MainDisplayWindow and Kernel issues.
MoFro - [2004.11.07] Made world renderable.
Jheinka - [2004.11.07] Implemented all Singleton classes properly.
MoFro - [2004.11.07] Made models in the world renderable.
Jheinka - [2004.11.08] Wrote functionality for creating new people and items in the world.
———————————M4 DEADLINE - InComplete———————————
Jheinka - [2004.11.11] Adding new people/items properly adds to room/section.
Jheinka - [2004.11.12] Fixed modeling error with creating new people/items.
Mole - [2004.11.12] Made buttons and menus now appear and function.
Squeaky - [2004.11.14] Wrote classes: Event, EventList, and EventGenerator.
Mole - [2004.11.18] Made timer and simulation on/off buttons.
MoFro - [2004.11.18] Wrote classes: Desire and DesireManager.
Jheinka - [2004.11.19] Gave rooms temperatures that change and update randomly.
MoFro - [2004.11.19] Made people's factors diminish with time and made people leave rooms if their current room gets to a certain temperature.
Jheinka - [2004.11.19] Made user navigation through the world independent of characters.
———————————M5 Completed———————————
Jheinka - [2004.11.20] Rearranged GUI, now niftier and better management of space.
Jheinka - [2004.11.21] Made a close button for the game to clean up the side-effects incurred from just closing the SystemWindow.
MoFro - [2004.11.28] Made menus generate from clicking on models.

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