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Lame Excuses

For the purpose of recording peoples slackerness and their "justification" there of.

MoFro (while playing a video game) - Late SUnit Tests [2004.09.27] "Extensions just make me more of a slacker."

MoFro (playing Final Fantasy XI again) - Late Sequence Diagrams [2004.10.21] "I'm not leveling, I'm in an important game meeting."
Mole - Super Late And Still Incomplete M4 [2004.11.7] "I know this seems like the most inopportune time for this, but I need to go home. I absolutely need this, and all I'm taking is about a day and a half. I'll be gone Friday night (9 ish) until Sunday morning (10 ish). I'm very confident, that I can have my part finished to an acceptable level before I leave (mostly if not all done). I can call this off if absolutely necessary for the project, but I don't know if my sanity can take much more of this."

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